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The beach huts in Hove are in prime locations along the seafront. There are about 460 privately owned beach huts in Hove. They stretch along the Kings Esplanade from Kings Lawns to the Western Esplanade at Hove Lagoon. They are extremely popular and demand for them is high. An annual license to place a beach hut in a space on the esplanade is required from Brighton & Hove City Council. Licenses are only issued to residents of Brighton & Hove and therefore it is only possible to purchase a beach hut and place it on the promenade if you have a local postcode. I keep details regarding potential buyers and provide a sales service rather like that of an estate agent. I have successfully sold many huts.

If you wish to buy or sell a beach hut through Scott's Huts please contact me.

King's Esplanade street sign A row of beach huts Beach hut with pink doors

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