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Beach hut owners are required, within the terms and conditions of their Council licences, to paint, repair or replace in accordance with certain details. All work undertaken is subject to the rules and regulations set out by the local Councilís terms and conditions.

In Brighton & Hove, the Council is responsible for the annual licence fee collection and administration of beach huts and chalets. The Seafront Office can be found at 141 Kings Road Arches, The Lower Promenade, Brighton BN1 2FN and the telephone number is: (01273) 292715/6. They hold information regarding beach huts and deal with the day-to-day management of the seafront. They are not allowed to recommend private tradesmen to beach hut owners, however, I have had an excellent relationship with the office since Oct 2000.

Dimensions and sizes given may vary slightly depending on the availability of timber, and the dimensions of the existing framework. All panels are made from treated marine-grade plywood of at least 12mm thickness. All timber is treated prepared PAR (planed-all-round) wood except where stated.

All materials remain the property of Scott Jardine until full payment is made.

All deadlines and timeframes are subject to the following:

  1. Weather conditions.
  2. Accessibility to hut. Beach hut owners are advised not to use their hut when work is being carried out. This is for health and safety, and security reasons. If dangerous or messy work is required (for example removing an old roof) then it is sometimes impractical to carry out this work if your beach hut neighbours are using their hut on the same day. Discretion is always used when access or space is limited.

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