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It is important to have your beach hut painted regularly to protect it from the harsh weather conditions. My beach hut painting services include:

  • All timber scraped and sanded, primed on any bare wood,
  • Treatment with red-oxide primer on rusted-parts,
  • Caulking with sealant and/or construction-adhesive,
  • Wood-filling where necessary,
  • Painting with undercoat and gloss as standard.

Beach hut floor - click for larger view Vent at gable-end to prevent mildew - click for larger view Row of beach huts covered with snow

My beach hut painting service also includes painting the inside of your beach hut, wood-staining your floorboards, or painting them with floor-paint. Please note that beach huts must be empty for this service.

I repair beach huts to the highest standard using good quality materials. Marine-grade plywood for the roof and side panels is used and pre-treated shiplap cladding for the lower parts which is 19mm thick for extra strength. All of my timber is prepared PAR (planed-all-round) timber that is treated with wood-preserver and primed before painting. I fix parts with corrosive-resistant screws and water-resistant construction-adhesive as a standard. I also use A4 stainless-steel bolts and stainless-steel screws on any exposed parts to protect against salt-corrosion and use spelter galvanised ironmongery wherever possible.

Free inspection and quote.

Aluminium-primed doors - click for larger view White gloss painted interior - click for larger view Painted doors - click for larger view

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